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Welcome to the Croydon Hotel

Welcome to the website of the Croydon Park Hotel.   There is nothing more important than having a great place to socialise in your local area, whether it is a quick after work drink, or you feel like you want to catch up with friends for lunch or dinner in air-conditioned comfort, maybe a drink before or after a big game, so start your good weekend at the Croydon Park Hotel which retains the charm and splendour of years gone by.

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Opening Hours
Mon:             10am - 2am           Tues-Thurs    10am to 3am
Fri-Sat:         10am to 4am
Sunday:        10am to midnight

Quote of the Week
"Give me a firm place to stand and I will move the earth" - Archimedes..

Full Name
212 Georges River Road, Croydon Park, NSW 2133 Ph: +612 9797 0206 Fax: +612 9798 6920 Email: